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Topic: Flash's staff application (user could not post)
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Flash's staff application (user could not post)

discord tag: @Flash#1141
discord id:551323248554541056
age: 18
U.S.A, Pacific Time Zone
I should be able to help anywhere from 10:00 pm-2:30 am ususally, Pacific time
i decipher bits of spanish, and derive very few words from latin
my motivation for applying is to gain a bit of experience helping people, keeping the bot's users in check, and to gain a bit of real world working experience (ik this isnt real, but i hope you know what i mean) this will be my first time working for someone other than family
i have been playing BoxBot since August, but i frequent the #appeal channels as often as i can to read ways to correct mistakes and exploitation
no previous record as a staff member
I will most likely be active in the server
tysm for your time

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