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Topic: My application for beta tester.
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My application for beta tester.

Discord tag: Im Not BoxBot!#2613
Discord ID: 509024880726114305
How long have you been actively using/playing BoxBot?: I'v used BoxBot since November 5th 2018

Have you recently received any punishments on the BoxBot server?: I havent received any punishments in several months.
Why do you want to be a beta tester?: I enjoy playing boxbot beta in events, and I want to help boxbot getting less problem.
Have you actively done any beta/alpha testing for any other programs/games/projects in the past?: I have only tested crew 2 beta, nothing else
Do you participate in BoxBot events regularly?: I join to almost every event, but if thats problem I dont need to join to events.
Are you prepared to come across and report software bugs that could potentially influence or hinder your beta gameplay?: Definetly. I'm prepared to report every bug I see.
Are you able to actively use the beta bot?: Yes. I can and I will play it every day many times.

I did this on my phone, so this may contain some miss spells.

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