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2018.07.09 - Rewrite Progress Empty 2018.07.09 - Rewrite Progress

on Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:45 pm
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As you may or may not know, I have been working on rewriting the bot in Javascript for quite a while now. Unfortunately, it is taking a lot longer than I expected but I assure you that it is still being worked on. I finished college very recently and should be able to pick up the pace.

The current issue I am having is copying the data from the old bot to the new MySQL database. The process of this takes a considerable amount of time (24-72 hours) as it needs to insert each user and all of their data into the database one-by-one. I have tried running this on my computer 3 times but after 24+ hours, the window mysteriously disappears. I have tried running the script on the server but the libraries cannot be installed for some reason.

I have attempted to make the script faster, but unfortunately that disconnects me from the MySQL server.

The next thing I am going to try is making it save the data after every statement that is sent. This will make the script take longer to run, but should allow me to continue where the script left off when it crashes.

The rewrite will be a lot faster than the current bot and will contain some minor new features and will fix most of the bugs that people keep experiencing.
Once the rewritten version of the bot is completed, I can begin working on major new features again!

I apologise for not updating everyone on the progress of the rewrite - and will start to update you guys more often via forum posts.

Thank you for reading.

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