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[DENIED] Support Application Empty [DENIED] Support Application

on Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:52 pm
DaddyFam's Support Application

Discord tag: DaddyFam#3802

Discord ID: 413728648575582209

Age: I'm 14 years old

Country and timezone: Sweden, CET / Central European Time / 6 hours ahead of EST

At what times would you be able to help out with BoxBot?:

Weekends: Around all the time when I'm not sleeping, 10-14+ hours per day.
Week days: When I'm not in class or doing activities, 5+ hours per day.

Can you speak any other languages?:

I speak fluently English and Swedish and I study Spanish in school.

How long have you been playing BoxBot?:

i've been playing Boxbot for about 1 week and a half, tho it seems like a month or so because I've been playing non-stop all the time.

What is your motivation for applying?:

Boxbot is what I think a really good Discord Bot that I really enjoy playing. I feel like that there is a need for more staff because sometimes there are not any staff online that can help people in need for support. I wanna be able to help people and feel like I'm more of a part of this community not just being a normal member but a staff member that can help.

Where will you be active? (forums/server):

I will be active on both the Discord server and the forums as much as I can.

Do you have any prior experience as a community staff member?:

I've owned like 10 Discord server but around 5 of them has had 40+ Members, I've been Mod on some Gaming Community Servers And I've been Admin on some of my friends servers. Even tho the numbers ain't really high I know how to moderate and help people professionaly and efficient.

Is there anything else you wish to add to your application?

Yes, That I put alot of effort into this application tho it ain't seem like theres much to see but I really put down my heart and my soul making this Very Happy Also that my grammar might not be 10/10.

Thanks for reading this Wink
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[DENIED] Support Application Empty Re: [DENIED] Support Application

on Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:40 pm
Thank you for posting, the only thing I could see as a negative is the amount of time you have been involved with the bot or in the main server is low. Lots of are staff are fairly long time players or involved with the bot for a long time. Other than that good application.
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