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Before You Post (Known Bugs/Glitches) Empty Before You Post (Known Bugs/Glitches)

on Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:46 pm
Thank you to VexRomeo and MercyDog for creating the original post on the old forums.

Before you post your bug/glitch, please read through this list to see if it is already known and if there is a temporary workaround.


Occasionally after being killed and trying a command after being looted, you will be told that you are still dead and have to wait for the looting process to complete.
To fix this, simply explain your situation in the #support channel of our Discord server and a member of staff will be able to respawn you.

Negative Amount of Items:

This is a common glitch most-likely due to commands being spammed. You have used something in your inventory that you no longer have and are given a negative amount of this item as a result.
Simply get enough of that item to increase the amount to 0 to fix this.
Staff will not 'reimburse' your negative items.

Inventory Won't Display

When you have too many items, or too many items of one tier, it prevents the message from being sent due to Discord's 2000 character limit.
While an official fix is being worked on, you can see all of your (sellable) items by using the b!sellall command. Just be sure that you don't confirm the sale.

Skin Inventory Won't Display

This is very similar to the above issue - Discord's 2000 character limit prevents the message from being sent.
Unfortunately, we do not have a workaround for this. Until the issue is fixed, you can view all of the skins on our website.

Duplicate Skin

This bug is quite rare, and is most-likely due to spamming the b!usecredit command.
If you encounter this issue, send a message in #bug-reports on our Discord server and a staff member will remove the duplicate skin and refund your credit.

Trivia Lag

Due to the large amount of players and the state of the bot's code, sometimes the bot will be unable to register your reaction.
As of now there is no workaround to this bug.

Missing Trivia Reactions (mobile)

The mobile version of Discord is unfortunately a little buggier than the desktop version. Sometimes the reactions will not appear on the message. Sadly there is nothing that we can do about this bug as it is a problem with Discord itself.

Trivia / Trade Locked

Sometimes the trivia and trade commands can become locked; not allowing certain users to use the command, or not allowing the command to be used in a certain channel.
In order to fix this, let a staff member know in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord server and they will be able to fix the issue for you.

Not Receiving Voting Reward / Claim Reward

This bug can happen when the bot bugs (which can currently only be fixed by restarting the bot) or if discordbots.org are having issues.
To receive your reward, you can contact a staff member in the #support channel on our Discord server and they can manually give you the reward.

Extra Attacks

To prevent people from replicating and abusing this bug, it will not be explained here. However, if you see someone abusing this bug, please report them in the user reports section on the forums or the #user-reports channel in our Discord server .

Thank you for taking the time to read this post before submitting your bug report!

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