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2018.09.08 - Rewrite ETA Empty 2018.09.08 - Rewrite ETA

on Sat Sep 08, 2018 7:11 pm
A lot of people, understandably, want to know how long it will be until the rewrite is released. This post will explain my plans for the rewrite.

The most asked questions currently are, of course, related to the release date of the rewrite. I believe that I am fairly close to getting the rewrite to a suitable state. You can check on my progress by visiting this post, which is updated each time progress is made on the rewrite. My hope is to start beta testing within the next few days and have the rewrite released before Wednesday (as I go back to college on Wednesday and will have less time to work on the bot).

Unfortunately, not all features will be available at the release of the rewrite. The three most notable features being unboxing, viewing, and equipping skins; trading; and explosive weapons. These features will of course be released in the not-so-distant future, but my current objective is to have the rewrite released in a good state - without constant crashes and rollbacks.

On the topic of somewhat bad news, the rewrite will be mildly slower than the Python version (when it was stable) especially upon release. Speed optimisations will be done as time goes on.

Now onto the good news:
Global leaderboards will be returning on the initial release of the rewrite.
The rewrite will contain a fair amount of 'quality-of-life' updates and bug fixes.
People who have enabled notifications should now actually receive notifications when cooldowns have expired.
Cooldowns will now be shown in the HH:MM:SS format, making them more accurate than "x.y hours".

And to end off this post, I would like to let everyone that from now on changelogs will be posted on the forums and linked in the server's announcements channel. Posting the changelogs on the forums is less hassle (I don't have to split long changelogs into multiple different messages) and it allows me to make the changelogs look prettier and more readable.

I'd like to thank you all for sticking with us during these discouraging times and I hope you look forward to the release of the rewrite as much as I do!

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