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2018.09.05 - Rewrite Progress Empty 2018.09.05 - Rewrite Progress

on Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:08 am
I promised I'd keep you guys up-to-date with how the rewrite is going, so here's a post detailing how far I am into the rewrite.
Not only will this post keep you up-to-date with the progress of the bot, but it will also help myself to keep track of what I have done and what still needs to be done.

Firstly, I'd like to apologise that the rewrite is taking so long. This is my first time creating an actual project outside of the Python language - meaning that I basically have to learn an entirely new language. Also, the library I am using, (Eris) is more barebones than the library I used in Python (discord.py). This means that there are less built-in features in the library and I have to figure out how to do those particular things.
For example, if I wanted to await a reaction in discord.py, it would be about 2-3 lines. In order to add the feature to await a reaction in Eris, I've had to implement it myself in a file containing 42 lines, which honestly took me quite a while to figure out how to do.

Now for what you actually want to know: the progress of the rewrite. Here is a list of commands and their current progress, in alphabetical order.
Public Commands

  • botstats - partially implemented as part of ping command
  • buy - implemented
  • claim - to be implemented
  • coinflip - implemented
  • commands - implemented
  • cooldowns - implemented
  • credits - implemented
  • daily - implemented
  • grank - will probably not be implemented on the rewrite's release
  • gtop - implemented
  • health - implemented
  • help - implemented
  • image - implemented
  • inventory - implemented
  • invite - implemented
  • items - implemented
  • level - implemented as part of the profile command
  • money - implemented
  • notify - implemented, but unable to test at an appropriate scale yet
  • optin - implemented
  • optout - implemented
  • patreon - to be implemented
  • pclaim - implemented
  • ping - implemented
  • players - will probably not be implemented on the rewrite's release
  • profile - implemented
  • rank - will probably not be implemented on the rewrite's release
  • rules - implemented
  • sell - implemented
  • sellall - implemented
  • skinequip - to be implemented
  • skins - to be implemented
  • skinunequip - to be implemented
  • support - implemented
  • top - will probably not be implemented on the rewrite's release
  • trade - to be implemented
  • trivia - implemented
  • unbox - implemented
  • uptime - implemented as part of the ping command
  • use - everything implemented except for explosive weapons
  • usecredit - to be implemented
  • value - implemented
  • weekly - implemented

Server Admin Commands

  • killfeedchannel - implemented
  • setprefix - implemented
  • togglecommands - implemented
  • tradelogchannel - to be implemented

BoxBot Staff Commands

  • botban - to be implemented
  • botunban - to be implemented
  • check - to be implemented
  • do - implemented
  • fixtrade - to be implemented (if needed)
  • forceopt - implemented
  • manualclaim - to be implemented
  • removewarning - to be implemented
  • resettrivias - to be implemented (if needed)
  • resetuser - implemented
  • respawn - to be implemented (if needed)
  • setcd - implemented
  • stop - to be implemented
  • tradeban - to be implemented
  • tradeunban - to be implemented
  • updatecredits - implemented
  • updateexp - implemented
  • updatehp - implemented
  • updateinventory - implemented
  • updatemoney - implemented
  • warn - to be implemented


As you can see, most things have not yet been implemented. However, this does not mean that I am far behind as most of these commands can be implemented very easily. The commands left that may be difficult or time-consuming are:

  • unbox - this is because I will have to play around with image libraries to generate the unboxing images
  • trade - this is a complicated command, even in the Python version
  • most of the admin commands - most of the admin commands await for messages. Eris does not have this feature built-in so I will most-likely have to create it myself, which should be similar to awaiting reactions
  • skins - this command had some issues in the Python version and I'm not sure how it will behave in the rewrite
  • use - this command is lengthy and can be complicated at certain points, such as attacking
  • claim - this requires webhooks, which I'm not good with at all

I want to thank everyone for your patience, as I understand that the rewrite is taking a long time.

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