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Application For The Role Of Bug Hunter Empty Application For The Role Of Bug Hunter

on Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:20 pm
Discord Tag : Jay x2 😘#1906
Discord ID : 595192651603640320

I have been Playing Box Bot For about 1-2 Months Non Stop haha I love it so much

I have not received any punishments I think I have maybe gotten a trade warn but that’s it but I didn’t know at that time now I do!

I want to become a bug hunter because I would love to help improve this bot and I would love to see it grow and develop because it’s such a great bot!

I Have Done Beta Testing For 2 FPS Shooters , Csgo and realm royal both wich was back in December

Yes I am completely ready to report any bugs that may occur when using the bot or to make sure the bugs reported get noticed!

I am a very active member of the box bot community and I am definitely able to fulfill this role!

Nothing else’s I would like to add just a thank you for taking The time to read my application
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