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Sultan's Application Empty Sultan's Application

on Fri Jan 31, 2020 3:11 am
{Applicant Info}
Discord Username (Username#1234): Sultan#0202

Discord User ID: 325727479547297794

Current Age: 16

Country: Usa

Timezone: PST

{Basic Questions}
What/Who brought you here? - seeing the link in event-info and being in past events

What made you interested in events? - Being able to help out in events and I always enjoyed how much different the events are to normal boxbot gameplay

Which events have you been played in the past? - Out of the ones i can remember poacher event, area 51 event, and a few others

Do you have past experience in staffing? - yes as I am currently a server moderator

What makes you special compared to other people who also want to join event team? - I can usually get a task done when told to and I can pitch in creative ideas for the events that will be happening in the future

Have you been punished in the past (on the main server and event server) for breaking any rules? - From what i know, i have not been punished in any server
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Sultan's Application Empty Re: Sultan's Application

on Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:51 pm
Hello Sultan,

Thank you for showing interest in joining the event team. There are already quite a few members in the team from USA. But if we find that we are falling short of members from your time zone (when events start), you will be contacted if we need more details from you.
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