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STARB_'s Bug Hunter Application Empty STARB_'s Bug Hunter Application

on Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:30 am
I am Star, or STAR🅱_#5880 or also known as discord ID 671917169096785920.
I have been playing boxbot for the past month, but I have played on and off since October 2nd, 2018. I get this date from when my boxbot forum account was created, so I must have been playing by then. To my knowledge, I have never received any punishments on the boxbot server. I would like to be a bug hunter because I had the beta tester role before the last time I left the server, and I would like to help contribute my actions towards the bot in which I play so much. In my opinion bug testing helps get updates to the bot out faster by identifying what is wrong and what can be abused. Besides boxbot I have never done beta testing on discord or any games in that matter. I know I am ready to help find and tackle bugs that may exist in the boxbot programs and when I find them I will be ready to report them to help make this community a better place where command abuse or manipulation will not give users an unfair advantage. I am actively able to use boxbot now as I move on to college, my job and schoolwork have slowed substantially hence my activity with boxbo once again. Thank you to Krample and Bottlelord for pointing me in the direction to where and how I should apply. Staff, keep up the great work!
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