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Rupam Hazra
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[Event Team Application] Empty [Event Team Application]

on Sun Jan 26, 2020 7:17 am

{Applicant Info}
Discord Username: ASSASSIN#6766

Discord User ID: 468395249740414976

Current Age: 19+

Country: India

Timezone: IST ( GMT + 5:30 )

What/Who brought you here? - Mermy's post in #event-info

What made you interested in events? - This is a fun new experience from the main boxbot game. Different rules and games gives a new incentive to play. The fun stuff in events is the main attraction to me. Not to mention, I made so good friends too by playing events. The fun of being in something different and fun is keep attract me to play events.

Which events have you been played in the past? - I have played multiple events like Magician event, Maniac event e.t.c.
I also played pro league and clan wars if that also counts in event.

Do you have past experience in staffing? - No I don't have any past staffing experience. Except beta testing, this is my first time applying for a stuff.

What makes you special compared to other people who also want to join event team? - There's nothing much I can do which others can't. But by attending past events I have noticed the the IST timezone somewhat have few event team members available. I can give my time in helping events to make them operational in that timezone. To be fair, the main difference from me to others that I will give as much time as needed in an event.

Have you been punished in the past (on the main server and event server) for breaking any rules? - Yes I have received a warn when I started playing because back then I didn't knew that the bot had trade limits. After that warning, I never got any punishment or warns. Neither boxbot nor dyno.
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[Event Team Application] Empty Re: [Event Team Application]

on Mon Jan 27, 2020 10:14 am
Hello Assassin,

Thanks for showing interest in joining the event team. You will be contacted if we need more details from you. Have a good day.
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