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RD’s reapplication  Empty RD’s reapplication

on Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:15 pm
Discord Tag: Rainbow Dash#0001
Discord ID: 307295503723528193
How long have you been actively using/playing BoxBot?: I’ve been playing since the 24th of October and I’ve been active everyday since I usually am always online
Have you recently received any punishments on the BoxBot server?: Yes I have received two warnings one for “spam” (which wasn’t really on purpose) and another for arguing with a staff member which looking back was my fault and I already messaged the said staff member and apologized and also I was banned (but unfairly) and I’m back now after getting my appeal accepted
Why do you want to be a bug hunter?: I want to be a bug hunter because I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for my career in the future and I feel like this would make good practice
Have you actively done any beta/alpha testing for any other programs/games/projects in the past: no that’s why I would love to try and start here
Are you prepared to come across and report software bugs that could potentially hinder your gameplay?: Yes whenever I find bugs/glitches in games I always try to report them to the proper people to get them fixed whether or not they provide a advantage to the player to not ruin other people’s experiences, I also was the one to find the duplication glitch before anybody found out about it and got it reported
Are you able to actively use the early access bot?: Yes I can actively use it every day
Anything else you would like to add: all I can say is I hope you can accept my application and I hope to be able to help you guys out! Thank you for taking the time to read
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