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someone's event team application Empty someone's event team application

on Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:38 pm
[Event Team Application]

{Applicant Info}
Discord Username (Username#1234): someone#0003

Discord User ID: 309414210448785408

Current Age: 16

Country: USA


{Basic Questions}
What/Who brought you here? - Event team applications opening

What made you interested in events? - I've always thought that they were a fun and interesting way to bring the boxbot community together and also have a chance to win some rewards.

Which events have you been played in the past? -
Quite a few, I'd be hard pressed to remember specific events

Do you have past experience in staffing? - I am currently support on Boxbot and have moderated a few medium sized servers in the past.

What makes you special compared to other people who also want to join event team? - I have been playing the bot for quite a long time (June 2018) and have a good understanding of it. I try to be an active part of the community and player base instead of just moderating. I can be counted on to be mature and dependable in any situation that arises.

Have you been punished in the past (on the main server and event server) for breaking any rules? -
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I have a few trade warns on my alt from when I first started playing and was really dumb.
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someone's event team application Empty Re: someone's event team application

on Wed Jan 22, 2020 7:59 pm
Hello Someone,

Thank you for showing interest in joining the Event Team. You will be contacted if we need more details from you. Have a good day.
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someone's event team application Empty Re: someone's event team application

on Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:54 pm
Thanks for applying!

We took a look at your application and decided that you might be a good pick for Event Team. However there is one last step we need to take to make sure that you will be  the most helpful when/if you join the event team.

We have sent a DM containing a link to a spreadsheet to your Discord Account. On this spreadsheet we want you to type your name and enter your available times using green, yellow, and red squares. Each of these squares represents how active you will be in a time slot (the time is shown in CST so convert if needed) and this will make more sense once you open the spreadsheet and take a look at the example. Please make sure you only edit your part of the spreadsheet and no one else's, if you mess with anything else you will be punished accordingly. Afterwards you can DM back on Discord or here saying you are done. The process of us deciding your inclusion into event team afterwards may take a while, so as always have patience.

Have a nice day,
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