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Application for Support  Empty Application for Support

on Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:29 pm
Discord tag:NikTheGreek#7053




At what times will you be able to help out with
BoxBot?:Since its summer, at my time i will be able to help from 9-10 am to around 1-3 am and in school times i will be as active as possible.

Can you speak any ather languages?:I can speak Greek.

How long have you been playing BoxBot?:Around 3 weeks to a month ago is the first time i used it.

What is your motivation for applying?:Look when i heard there are applications adrenaline started pumping in i don't know why but i can just say that i would like to help BoxBot and with that i mean the BoxBot community.

Do you have any prior experiences as a cummunity staff member?:No, I don't have any prior exprience but you learn as you go.

Wich platform will you be supporting?:The discord server because that's what i am more familliar with.

Do you have anything else you would like to add to the application?:I have a trade warning,it was the first time i used boxbot and i gave a epic rpg to a friend for free after that i got the discord server link by BoxBot in DM and after that i was getting in the server and leaving it after asking something in support, around 1 week ago or 5 days i joined the server and remained till this day, I also got muted at the 8th but that was Maxy joking around,look i don't expect you to trust me im only 13 years old but i assure you that i am going to try my best.
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