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Very_Coolio's apply for Bug Hunter Empty Very_Coolio's apply for Bug Hunter

on Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:48 am
Hey, my name is Yannis/Very_Coolio and I’m a sixteen years old boy from Germany.
(please ignore typing mistakes)
I’m use the BoxBot since 3 month. ( aktively 2 month)
I got a punishment for advertisement some days after I joined the server (I can’t remember, but I would never do it again)
Frequently I saw some bugs or problems with the technology and told a Bug-Hunter or a supporter. But I think it is better if I do it direktly so the Bug can be fixed faster.
I’m never tested a game before. I only tested some Discord server and helped the people to fix their problems and make the server better.
I learned a lot from my dad who studied IT and I tested a lot of thinks with different softwares for myself.
I think I know allmost all commands from the boxbot and I kepp in mind that if I become inaktive, I will lose my role.
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