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Event Team Application Format Empty Event Team Application Format

on Tue Jan 07, 2020 5:21 am
Application Description -

The Event Team is a group of members in the BoxBot main server that are dedicated to running, helping, and creating events. In order to join you must show activeness and a great interest in events. Below is the format for the application that is needed in order to join Event Team. Simply copy it, answer the questions, and send it in a seperate post. Through the application we are trying to get an idea of those that are interested in applying for the event team. Until your application receives a response of some sort, it will always be considered open. Inclusion into the event team will depend upon the need/requirement of the event team in a particular time zone, so please do not keep asking about the status of your application. Also, please note that most events happen on weekends, so you being available during the weekends should be a commitment. Working in event team means that you won't be able to play every event as a normal player as you will be needed to staff for some. You are expected to be active, friendly to players, unbiased, and serious when required. Staffing for events should always be fun as long as it doesn't interfere with the rules of the event, so don't throw a participant killing party with your event powers. Good luck on your application!

Copy the application format here in order to have the bold and italics show up:


[Event Team Application]

{Applicant Info}
Discord Username (Username#1234):

Discord User ID:

Current Age:



{Basic Questions}
What/Who brought you here? -

What made you interested in events? -

Which events have you been played in the past? -

Do you have past experience in staffing? -

What makes you special compared to other people who also want to join event team? -

Have you been punished in the past (on the main server and event server) for breaking any rules? -

SIDE NOTE: Acceptance into event team will also be decided by looking through the applicants Dyno logs and BoxBot user logs, so be honest. If you are accepted you are expected to continue to follow all the rules in the main BoxBot server even on the Event Server (unless otherwise stated by an event team member or rules). Failure to do so could result in a permanent removal from event team and may also affect whether you can participate in events.

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