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[DENIED] Re-appealing my ban (Jon) Empty [DENIED] Re-appealing my ban (Jon)

on Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:47 pm
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As to explain what happened, I'm just gonna link the last post because I explained it in detail there,

I've talked to some of the members of staff (one of each rank but srmod) privately and we've discussed my ban and came to the conclusion that there is a LOT of confusion around my Dyno warns and that my last 2 warns for the nword were invalid since both times they were censored (Although the last time (nig@ mokey) was a little more over the line, which (as I stated in my other post) I completely understand)

I consider that the reason for denying my last appeal (even though I put great effort in it, and showed interest in following rules as an exemplary member) was invalid since although I WAS ex-mod that's exactly the reason I got demoted, if I proved I can't be a mod then you shouldn't treat me as one and deny my appeal solely based on it (this is not to say I'm not going to follow the rules if I get appealed)

Also, as my last questionable warn was from bongo and he resigned shortly after AND my last appeal was denied by Lucian who ALSO resigned shortly after, I believe this is enough reason for me to ask for a reapreciation of both, arguing that if they were going to resign they could simply "not care" and had given up.

Thank you for reading, Jon.

Ps:I'm suing Logan for tax evasion if I don't get unbanned 😎
nσt smíth#0999
nσt smíth#0999
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[DENIED] Re-appealing my ban (Jon) Empty #FreeJon2019

on Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:07 am

This is abuse Sad
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