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nσt smíth#0999
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[DENIED] Not Smith's Ban Appeal (the big moment you've all been waiting for) Empty [DENIED] Not Smith's Ban Appeal (the big moment you've all been waiting for)

on Fri Nov 29, 2019 3:13 am
nσt smíth#0999

I was banned from: the main server.

Why I was (unfairly in my opinion) banned: SJ was arguing with Kole and said, "at least I don't message underage girls like you", and someone asked if it was true, so I said "yes". For that I was banned by Bongo... For saying "yes". 😎

I should be unbanned because I think it was a crummy reason for ban. I simply confirmed a question lol. I think I had a very positive influence on the community before my ban. And I even made art, and tolerated the horrible compensation (or lack thereof).

Additional info:
- My previous warns, leading up to the ban, were for dumb reasons such as:
    - All-caps'ing a message, and got no verbal, but direct dyno warn from Kole.
    - Posting a meme with the n-word but with "🅱🅱" in it so as to censor, which isn't the full out word so I thought it would be ok... (again by Kole)
    - Suggesting "it would be funny if someone pinged kole", and someone did, so I got the warning lol by Kole again, if you're sensing a pattern..............

Sorry for exposing the staff, I wont do it again.
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