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Ban Appeal  Empty Ban Appeal

on Sun Nov 24, 2019 1:10 pm
Your Discord tag:

Your Discord ID: 510270442129326080

What were you banned from?
BoxBot Discord server.

Why were you banned?:

Following are the warnings that I have received which lead to me to a ban:

1. Type: Ban
Moderator: Kole#0001
Reason: Staff disrespect, ghost pinging staff, final warning already reached - Sep 14

2. Type: Warn
Moderator: Kole#0001
Reason: Disrespecting staff, next warn is ban - Sep 14

 3. Type: Warn
Moderator: Evildog255#4816
Reason: Continuing to post the same offensive picture - Aug 22

   4.    Type: Warn
Moderator: SJ#0005
Reason: Disrespecting other users - Aug 12

   5.    Type: Warn
Moderator: SJ#0005
Reason: being disrespectful - Jul 29

   6.    Type: Warn
Moderator: Samuק-ק#0002
Reason: disrespect - Apr 18

   7.    Type: Mute
Moderator: JW#0001
Reason: don’t interrupt appeals - Mar 29

   8.    Type: Kick
Moderator: Akuma Hana#1251
Reason: pointless pings, keep up and you'll be banned - Mar 06

Why should you be unbanned?:

- As Mr Kole slammed the ban hammer on me for exceeding the warn limit. I would like to elucidate the warnings that were given to me first.

Moderator: SJ#0005
Reason: being disrespectful - July 29
I agree I was being disrespectful but SJ should not have pinged me when I had not sponsored any giveaways. His intentions were only to tease me which I did not like. Hence, the reason why I was annoyed and acted that way and received the warning.

Secondly, I pinged Kole because I wanted to direct message him about my previous warnings but his direct messages were turned off so I pinged him in #chat, then I realized that he does not like getting pinged at all so I quickly removed the ping which I probably should not have since the server has messages logs.

Most importantly, Here are the reasons why I would like to get unbanned from the server:
   1.    First and foremost, I acknowledge every warnings that I’ve had received as they were fair and I totally deserved it. I realize all my mistakes and I apologize for misbehaving and deeply regret acting in a rude manner.
   2.    Altogether, I’ve received 8 warnings in total.
(Not pointing towards anyone) but there are members who have over 20 warns and were never banned from the server. In my case and my personal opinion, I consider it a little too harsh and cruel for a ban.
   3.    I use Boxbot on a daily basis. I enjoy using the bot and like the concept very much. I was previously an Event winner and a big hunter. I’ve also met a lot of people through BoxBot server who are now my closest friends.
   4.    Lastly, I assure you that I have changed my behavior and I am no longer the silly, disrespect and disobedient person that I once used to be.

If you consider giving me one more chance and let me into the server again,I will greatly appreciate it and will follow the server rules, be more kind and act wisely.
Thank you for your consideration.

Any additional information:
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