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Meezy's Staff Application! Empty Meezy's Staff Application!

on Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:26 am
Discord tag - @Meezy#4798
Discord ID - 643284551765852160
Age: 17
Country and timezone: United States of America, Eastern Standard Time ‎(EST) (UTC-5)‎
At what times would you be able to help out with BoxBot? - I will try my best to be on from 4pm - 10pm EST in week days, and 9am - 12pm on weekends!
Can you speak any other languages? - I Can speak (fluent) Italian and a small portion of Spanish!
How long have you been playing BoxBot? - Sadly I've only been in BoxBot for about a week now, but am planning too stay in for several month's!
What is your motivation for applying? - So what mainly motivates me to want to become apart of your Staff is because I just want to become of something larger then I am, I'm always up to new challenges and love everyone I meet! I can handle tight situations in a timely and professional manner, and help out people in the most professional way possible!
Do you have any prior experience as a community staff member? - I have been a Moderator and Head Admin in two servers before, but certainly nothing of this scale! Being a staff in here will definitely be a challenge, due to the overwhelming large amount of members and small amount of staff!
Where will you be active? (forums/server): Definitely the main part I will be active in Is the server but it I am ever needed inside the forum's I will most certainly help in the area!
Is there anything else you wish to add to your application? There's really only one thing I would like to say, and that's a big thank you for taking your time to look over my application and I hope to work with you further in the future!
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Meezy's Staff Application! Empty Re: Meezy's Staff Application!

on Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:04 pm
Hello Meezy,

Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response from staff determining whether you have been accepted or denied. During this time, please keep up your activity in both support channels and the server, so we can come to a better decision regarding your promotion. If you are accepted, you will be put on a 1 week trial as support, during which we will further monitor your activity and behaviour. Please remain active, as this will increase your odds of remaining on staff.

Discord: marten.aap2.0#8905
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