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[DENIED] Ban appeal ig Empty [DENIED] Ban appeal ig

on Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:12 pm
Your Discord tag (e.g. logan#0001): Fehlix 🦃🍂#8716
Your Discord ID (e.g. 71632953322512384): 382641723953643540
What were you banned from? (e.g. the Discord server, BoxBot, etc.): Server
Why were you banned?: Warn limit
Why should you be unbanned?: First 2 warns were for not going to chat when told, about a month ago. 3rd was for adding reactions, 4th for editing a message and using it as evidence and 5th was for 'shared malicious program files to a mutual user of the server causing their CPU to crash.' The first 2 were a while ago, and after receiving a mute for it at the time, I stopped and learned when it was ok to talk in support. The reactions warn, I have again learned my lesson from, and didn't react to any messages after that. The 4th one was totally my fault. I was stupid and got a warn, but the 5th one i argue is completely wrong. I sent some code to cloutcxrry, and said to him Multiple times not to run that code. He then went to chat, asked again if he should run it, to which I told him it was up to him, but I wouldn't suggest it. He then decided to run it anyway, after I told him not to so many times, and all it did was make his computer lag, not 'causing their CPU to crash'. I believe this is unjust as I warned him multiple times not to run it, and he did anyway even after I warned him not to, so I shouldn't be held accountable. Also, pickles remark of 'Don't worry, you'll be reported to discord' is totally ridiculous. I sent some code to someone and explicitly said not to run it - and he ran it anyway, which is not my fault and not something that should be blamed on me
Any additional information: His computer is fine. It restarts, and will be working perfectly, no damage was caused to his CPU. Also, cloutcxrry cut off all the parts where I told him explicitly not to run it in his evidence

I know this is a risk, but I am going to attach the file that he opened - again, DO NOT RUN THIS FILE. It is as a text file atm, so keep it like that, if you run that in cmd or save as a .bat and run it, thats you're fault, leave it as a txt file. It is totally safe as a txt file

Also idk if it will attach so dm if you wan't the txt file - Itsays txt is a valit upload type but when I try it wont let me so

Edit: Also, he said when I sent it exactly what the code was - which means he must have know what he was running, yet did it anyway
Edit again: This is the code I sent him
@echo off
Just so you can see its in no way malware

Oh boy, another edit: I would also like to point out that my account was disabled for breaking TOS a few days later - after all that was the reason I was banned, breaking TOS. However, I responded to them and explained the full case, they looked into it and decided that I was, in fact, not breaking TOS and lifted the ban on my account, which I would say further proves my point of not doing anything wrong - I was banned for breaking TOS, and after reaching out to discord they decided I hadn't broken TOS, and therefore that ban reason wasn't really valid

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