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[DENIED] Staff Apply Empty [DENIED] Staff Apply

on Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:50 pm
Discord tag (A-Z#9392):

Discord ID (383247323334967326):


Europe/Bulgaria GMT +3

Average daily time in discord:
Very Active ~18 hours

Can you speak any other languages?:
Bulgarian, English, some Russian, Macedonian

Time in BoxBot server: 1-2 months ago, not sure.

Averge Boxbot Account Cost ~1M

Why do you want to be Staff:
I wanna become a Staff because I like helping pretty much. I also have alot of experience being staff. Negative things about me is that I almost always give people a second chance. I think people deserve a second chance, because human make mistakes. I made mistakes, everyone did.

Other past/current servers:
I Don't Own/Host Any Big Servers

Where will you be active? (forums/server): I can be active in both forums/servers.

Is there anything else you wish to add to your application?

What do you think you can bring to the Staff team:
I take great pleasure in helping people who are in need or who have questions. I am very unbiased and I like to be friendly to everyone. Some people get a big head when they have power, this annoys me very much and I try never to let the power go to my head. I have endless experience in Discord from both the perspective of a player and of an owner/admin. I would love to help this server grow and to become as large and prosperous as possible. I think that this would be a great learning opportunity for me as I am always trying to obtain more experience and knowledge both in Discord and with the interaction of my fellow members. I absolutely love to learn new things and I plan to go to college to study to become a application designer. I try to be very humble and if I am proven wrong I will take it as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes rather than get defensive and hostile.

Kind regards,
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[DENIED] Staff Apply Empty Re: [DENIED] Staff Apply

on Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:56 pm
Hello A-Z,

Please wait two weeks before applying again after your previous apply got denied. You can apply again on the 1st of november.

Discord: marten.aap2.0#8905
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