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[DENIED] Big Bro Big Troll Empty [DENIED] Big Bro Big Troll

on Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:43 pm
Discord tag: TheBest#0001
Discord id: 384928852398571522
Banned from: the discord server( I wasn't banned - my brother is banned but we are using the same router so it's IP ban)
Why were you banned?: I just troll leaved to see the reaction of the others in the server and then when u tried to rejoin I realised that I can't join... I remembered that my brother was banned of the server so I can't join it :-(
Why should you be unbanned?: I enjoy my time in the server and I like it...I also love the bot im there for more than a month ... I won't leave it again ...
Any additional info?:
My brother got banned becouse of trolling so I troll leaved without remembering this and now I can't join ...
His alt tag and name: PennyDaBest#7650
His alt ID: 632598934346268672
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[DENIED] Big Bro Big Troll Empty Re: [DENIED] Big Bro Big Troll

on Wed Sep 25, 2019 5:25 pm
Given that you were banned for ban evasion, this appeal will be denied on the basis of attempting to provide fraudulent information in an attempt to get unbanned. Please don't assume that we will not ask the moderators involved with your case for what happened, and look into your modlogs. Sorry for any inconvenience, and have a good day.
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