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[DENIED] Ban Appeal  Empty [DENIED] Ban Appeal

on Sun Sep 15, 2019 5:40 pm
Discord Server

For sending a link to invite someone back to the server on an alt account.

I feel it was unneeded for me to get banned I think they could of told me not to do it warn me and leave it at that they didn’t even let me explain what happened I got banned as I was about to explain this. I was talking with my friend and he wanted a re invite back to the server I was making it and he couldn’t join I tried multiple times and he had n alt I didn’t think it would get so out of hand and then they start accusing me and pushing up on me not allowing me to say things and boom I’m here typing this message.

I ain’t saying you should unban me but I like that server and i see what happened and it not gonna happen again so.. give m a chance will ya?

Marten and mr Schwifty Might be able to shed light
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[DENIED] Ban Appeal  Empty Re: [DENIED] Ban Appeal

on Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:16 am
After going through your appeal and discussion with staff that witnessed the events take place, as well as reviewing the reasoning for your ban, the conclusion has been reached that you will not be unbanned. You created invites and helped your friend evade his ban, which is on par with ban evasion itself. Sorry for any inconvenience, and have a good day.
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