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[DENIED] Staff Applications Empty [DENIED] Staff Applications

on Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:41 pm
•Discord tag : MixMat#3147
•Discord ID : 507215969211514890
•Age : 16
•France(french timezone)
•When : I am in my last high school year next year but I can nearly be there 24/7
•Languages : France / English / learning Spanish/ Barely understand Swedish
How long : Since 07/05/2019. (DD/MM/YYYY)
Why : I love creating stuffs, I love managing servers and I hate being useless if I know I could help. I want to be a game designer later so I try to be as much active as I can in servers.
Prior experience : I have created many servers for fun because I love doing this. I have been a discord Community Manager for BetOnYou.
Where : I can be active anywhere, it just depends on what I am doing.
I would love to be part of the BoxBot staff to share a good time with the community.
Ps: I recently got a trade warn but a staff told me it should not be very important (I prefer putting it).
Thanks for taking time,
Have a nice day,
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[DENIED] Staff Applications Empty Re: [DENIED] Staff Applications

on Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:32 am
While in your application you say you have been playing the bot for over 3 months, you made an appeal on your trade warn you received earlier today in which you stated that you have only been playing the bot for 2 days. This uncertainty in the amount of time you have been playing the bot leads me to assume you told the truth about the 2 days you have been playing, which is against the staff application requirements of having played the bot for at least 1 week. Thank you for your time, if you would still like to apply please wait out the 2 week requirement as stated in the application guidelines.
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