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Kevin The Cube#3404
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[DENIED] Staff Application Empty [DENIED] Staff Application

on 2019-08-17, 21:55
What is your discord username? Kevin The Cube#3404
What is your nickname on the CGC server?[CGC]Kevin The Cube
What level are you on MEE6? level 5
When did you join the CGC server?10th of august 2019
Have you ever left the CGC server?no
Have you ever been warned or muted in the CGC server?yes
How long have you been playing BoxBot?1 week and 1 day
Do you have any warns muted or bans in BoxBot and/or its server? No
How old are you?16
What time zone are you in? UK Time
What times will you be available to help in the CGC server? Any Week
Why do you want to become a CGC staff? To help with other staff and to keep the server in check
Do you have any prior experience as a community staff member?no
Suggest ways in which the clan could be improved.
Suggest a way to make chat more active?By adding online and offline servers
Do you have any other comments? no have a nice day
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[DENIED] Staff Application Empty Re: [DENIED] Staff Application

on 2019-08-17, 22:14
This forum is for the main Boxbot server, and has no relation to CGC. Unfortunately, this means that your application cannot be accepted here and as a result this topic will be locked. Thank you for the thought, but this process is meant to be carried out in the CGC server.
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