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Finding Targets Empty Finding Targets

on Thu Aug 08, 2019 5:18 am
Theres numerous ways to find targets.
- Anytime someone is attacking copy and paste their target options and check their health. Take note of who has how much health left for future attacks
- Flipping through command channels is another helpful tool. It provides current players statuses so you can list who's already been hit previously and gather more player data for future attacks
- Another method is magnets. Anytime you use a magnet and get money in return you should check their health. If they have a shield on, I usually wont check their health unless their shield is 40 or below. Thats just me, youll find what strategies fit you best the more you play and get experienced with it. If you have possible targets make a list of their IDs so you can check in another server without giving out spoilers in case you have someone specific youd like to kill (This requires developer mode to be enabled throughd discord account settings).
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