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Le appeal for le discord server  Empty Le appeal for le discord server

on Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:04 pm
Your Discord tag: -Exquisite-#9799

Your Discord ID: 334311151510749185

What were you banned from? Discord server

Why were you banned?: for using
-spoilers which I still don’t understand why isn’t allowed
-text stacking,
-and... wanting to change my name so badly?

Why should you be unbanned?: the spoilers I admit I used them a lot and didn’t understand why they would be restricted to use and yes I kept on doing it, my bad I guess I really wanted to know why, curiosity got the user banned. And now I realise that I have no use of using them
Text stacking... I am so used to it I use it every time in discord, no matter the server.... I end up doing it without realization. I am sorry and currently working on stacking less, specifically on BB.
Name Request? Uhh this I’m just confused. I wanted my name changed so badly for a reason I don’t remember. I am not sure what to say of this but will stop bugging support^ roles for a name change and act in a better manner.

Any additional information: I would have made an appeal before but only knew about the server when I came upon the subject of BoxBot.
I am sorry for how I have acted and for my curiosity. I deeply regret it, i have changed and will be willing to make up for what I have done.
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Le appeal for le discord server  Empty Re: Le appeal for le discord server

on Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:43 pm
Hey Exquisite, after reviewing your ban reason and checking your mod logs I've decided to unban you due to the fact that although you got warned/muted 4 times it was in a very large time window making it understandable. You will now be allowed back on the box. Have a good day.
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