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[DENIED] Staff Application By Pista21462 Empty [DENIED] Staff Application By Pista21462

on Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:10 am
My discord user is pista21462#6685
My ID is 316305290205069313
I'm currently 18.
I'm in Canada and I live in the EST timezone.
I could help BoxBot when I'm back so in week between 17:30 EST and 22:00 EST. The weekend between 10:00 EST and 23:00 EST.
I speak French (main language), English and I'm learning Spanish.
I've been playing BoxBot half a year.
My main motivation, is to help the players with their issues and to keep BoxBot server without trollers and without problems.
Do you have any prior experience as a community staff member?: Yes, I worked as an Event Manager for a small game and I was the manager of the forum of a French game.
Where will you be active? (forums/server): I'll be active in the server.
No, I don't.
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[DENIED] Staff Application By Pista21462 Empty Re: [DENIED] Staff Application By Pista21462

on Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:42 pm
Hello Pista,

I would like to thank you for applying for staff. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks on a response on whether you have been accepted or denied. In this time frame please remain active in both the support channels and server so that we have more to go off of. If accepted you will be placed on a 1 week trial as support to see whether or not you are worthy for the position of support in this trial week please remain active so that you have better odds of staying on staff.

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on Discord @Bongo#0613.

Good luck,

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