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[DENIED] Beta tester application Empty [DENIED] Beta tester application

on Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:04 pm
1-discord tag ---- callmedenver#3623
2-discord id ----- 570283942587138048
3-how long have you been actively using/playing boxbot?-- *about 2-3 months i think*
4-have you received any punishments on the boxbot server?--*i was muted for text stacking but it was like a month ago*
5-why do you want to become a beta tester?-*because i think by joining i would help boxbot growth in many ways*
6-have you done any beta/alpha testing for any other games in the past?---*yes, i was part of the beta team on PUBG mobile and still am on the Call Of Duty legends mobile beta testing*
7-do you participate in events regurarly?---
*I haven't got the chance to join an event yet, but if i will come across one i think i will enter*
8-are you prepared to come across and report bug that could hinder your beta gameplay?---*yes of course*
9-are you able to actively to use the beta bot?--*yes*
10- Long live BoxBot!
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[DENIED] Beta tester application Empty Re: [DENIED] Beta tester application

on Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:59 pm
Hello CallMeDenver, I am denying your application as you have recently received a dyno punishment. You are allowed to re-apply in two weeks after this response.

I hope you understand.

-Bongo. Smile
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