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[ACCEPTED] [215] NLE Ćhøppa's Beta Application (User could not post) Empty [ACCEPTED] [215] NLE Ćhøppa's Beta Application (User could not post)

on Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:34 pm
My Name is [215] NLE Choppa#7205

My ID is 583076934028886016

I have been actively using the BoxBot for about 5 days and i really like it. Smile

I’ve never received a warning for anything.

I'd like to become a beta tester as I really enjoy using the bot, and it will allow me to experience using a developing bot and the challenges that come with it. I have a very curios personality and will work to investigate the problem and I am willing to take the risk. Whilst using the beta bot I believe this will  help me become more comfortable with coming across bugs on Discord.

I have not done any beta testing before and using the beta bot would not be a first for me.

For me, when I use BoxBot, I focus on getting the best price for my items and i also try my best to help new comers and try my best to answer the questions they have.

I am aware and prepared that there is a high chance of coming across bugs, as the beta bot is still developing. I do not mind the bugs hindering my beta gameplay.

As I use BoxBot almost everyday, actively using the beta bot will not be a challenge for me. However if anything ever comes up i will notify the staff and tell them that i will bot be able to be there for X amount of time.

Side notes:
- I like to get the highest price possible for when i sell my items but when buying like most people i like to get the best/ Affordable price. I may change my name a few times but it’s rare.

Thanks ya’ll for reading this much appreciation and love and Have A Fantastic Day And Week.
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