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[Resolved] Squirrel's Ban Appeal Empty [Resolved] Squirrel's Ban Appeal

on Tue May 21, 2019 10:33 pm
Discord Tag: Squirrel#1111

Discord ID: 305771777349517322

Banned From: BoxBot Server

Ban Reason: disrespect, overall not liked by most staff, unnecessary arguing, too many warns

Why I Should Be Unbanned: The situation of which caused my ban along with the ban reason showing inaccuracies along with personal reasons.

First off, I do acknowledge the reason for "disrespect" in the ban reason. Although a ban based on the disrespect is quite harsh and would most likely resulted in a warn at most, but as it was two sided, a warn most likely wouldn't have even happened.

The situation leading up to my ban went like this(not word for word):
KSI came to chat and when he was asked why he wasn't here much he said it was due to him not liking the server.
Next, when  asked why, he said it was due to the people there, especially me being one of the big reasons.
After he said that, I jokingly replied saying if he didn't like the server that much because of me, he could just leave.
He then threatened me with "or I could just ban you".
My last message, which was a remark, was along the lines of "doing that would be abuse and i'll try and get you demoted for it if you ban me right here."

I can fully see why what I said can be considered as disrespect, but cannot understand why those two messages could be considered enough to be worthy of a ban. Along with this, as KSI threatened to ban me just because he didn't like me, this goes against the staff rule 3: "You must be respectful to all fellow staff members and the community regardless of your opinion on them". The actions of his could also be considered abuse of power along with being the provocation of a community member. This also goes against the ladder of punishment in staff rule 5 of being warn > mute > kick > ban as the situation that occurred was not at all in the severity required for an instant ban.

Secondly, the second reason of "overall disliked by most staff" is a personal reason for the ban and would never on any grounds, be an acceptable reason for a ban. Even if the statement is true, just because you and others dislike a person, it provided no grounds for a ban. This could also be considered as abuse as it is against staff rule 2 for not providing a fair reason on the punishment issued.

Thirdly, my ban was for "unnecessary arguing". After the incident with KittyKinetic, I had received a mute(3 hours) from KSI, and a warning from Piggles. The mute for arguing was issued on March 22nd, almost two months before my ban. The second punishment, which was the warn, occurred on April 24th, almost a month before my ban. I also find that warn to be unfair as it was when I had called him out for slandering me in the DMs of multiple users. (Proof was given to Bambi and Piggles was dealt with accordingly.) I find this warn to be an unfair weigh towards my ban as it was a simple call out to Piggles for slandering me, which goes again staff rule 3 for the high amount of disrespect along with rule 4 with provoking me to cause an argument or feud.

Lastly, the last reason in my ban was "too many warns". After the demotion and incident with KittyKinetic(end date of March 5th, over 2.5 months before ban), I only had 5 moderation cases to my name(Including the ban), one of which was not a punishment. This leaves the reason of "too many warns" down to 2 warns and a mute(3 hours). Even with one of the warns being seemingly unfair(as discussed above), 2 warns and a mute should not be grounds for a ban based on too many warns. In the history of the BoxBot server, no one has ever been banned for only having 2 warns and a mute. Along with this, my most recent punishment was a warn on April 26th. This in itself was almost a month before my ban. I find it hard to believe that a fair ban can be made upon 3 minor infractions which were over the course of 2 months.

Additional Information:

For the courtesy of the person reviewing the appeal, these are the moderation cases to my name after the Kitty incident.

Case 9050
Type: Ban
User: (305771777349517322) Squirrel#1111
Moderator: KSI BewareDog#9667
Reason: disrespect, overall not liked by most staff, unnecessary arguing, too many warns - May 17 04:31:21
Case 8738
Type: Warn
User: (305771777349517322) ThisIsEasу#1111
Moderator: Lucian#3434
Reason: posting images after being told not to - Apr 26 04:15:01
Case 8706
Type: Warn
User: (305771777349517322) AeriaI#0792
Moderator: Piggles101#1001
Reason: keep outside arguments out of boxbot - Apr 24 03:02:50
Case 8614
Type: Mute
User: (305771777349517322) ThisIsEasу#1111
Moderator: Samuק-ק#0002
Reason: "needs sleep" :nyanpat: - Apr 18 06:09:13
Case 8182
Type: Mute
User: (305771777349517322) Faith#0002
Moderator: KSI BewareDog#9667
Reason: come back in a bit - Mar 22 02:59:08[/b]
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[Resolved] Squirrel's Ban Appeal Empty Re: [Resolved] Squirrel's Ban Appeal

on Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:05 am
Hello Morcy, after discussing your ban appeal and getting the opinions of other staffers I have decided to unban you from Boxbot. I'm letting you back in since I have seen you change as an individual and you've also put in a lot of effort into this appeal I've also noticed that your modlogs were reset after you were removed off the staff team meaning you've only had 5 punishments in the span of a few months which isn't really something that could be considered a bannable. We've discussed your unbanning for quite some time and we've finally come down to the decision. Once you're unbanned you will be placed on probation so if you get one warning it'll be a ban. I've also decided that if you try to start an argument with anyone on the staff time you will be banned. A lot of arguments have happened before in the past and you were involved with them and I'm going to enforce this heavily so it doesn't happen again.

To sum it up, you'll be placed on a 1 warning = 1 ban policy for a couple of months and you also can't argue with staff and attempt to start one. After this response is sent I will shortly unban you from Boxbot and send you an invite in which you are welcome to join back anytime.

-Bongo Smile
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