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[ACCEPTED] Application for beta tester role Empty [ACCEPTED] Application for beta tester role

on Sun May 19, 2019 3:05 pm
Discord id(i think): 348451868021882880
Discord tag: Cactus not cactus#5626
I have been using boxbot for about two months or so, for a few hours a day. I’ve received a warn from kole because I “was arguing about only speaking English” (really I still don’t get why I got warned if you have any free time could you check that out? Only in your free time tho cuz I don’t care for much but If i could I want to get a clean record.). I want to be a beta tester because it seems fun to explore, have fun and help the process of achieving a better bot at the same time. Being remembered as one of the helpers would be a nice bonus heh. I haven’t done any sort of game testing so I see it would be a risk of hiring me but I get the general idea if that things don’t go as planned then report em. My Singapore timezone makes it so when I have free time most of the time the short events are over. So I haven’t done any events yet. I am prepared i guess, I know that these bugs could make my gameplay hellish but I’m sure it will be a learning process, and the other staff seem friendly and able to joke around so I’m sure they will help me as well.
Stuff i’d like to add;

Plzplzplzplz gimme role logan:)
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