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[DENIED] BETA Tester Application Empty [DENIED] BETA Tester Application

on Tue May 07, 2019 2:17 am
My Discord tag is tiramisu is simply amazing#6012

My Discord ID is 575121609493577728

I have been actively using BoxBot for approximately four months, starting in January of 2019

I do admit that I have received a trade warn during my first week of using the bot, and it was due to a large difference in value of the items.

I'd like to become a beta tester as I really enjoy using the bot, and it will allow me to experience using a developing bot and the challenges that come with it. As I have an adventurous nature, I am willing to take the risk. Furthermore, using the beta bot would help me become more comfortable with coming across bugs not just on Discord, but on any website.

I have not done any beta/alpha testing, and using the beta bot would be a first for me.

For me, when I use BoxBot, I focus on expanding my inventory through trade and opening boxes, and so I have not been participating in events. However, I am willing to do so should becoming a beta tester require me to.

I am aware and prepared that there is a high chance of coming across bugs, as the beta bot is still developing. I do not mind the bugs hindering my beta gameplay.

As I use BoxBot almost everyday, actively using the beta bot will not be a challenge for me. However, if I do have to step away from the beta bot for a period of time, I will notify staff of my inability to use the bot.

Side notes:
-I change my username fairly often (about once every two weeks), so my current username is not my permanent one.
-I'm really into collecting items of the 'Epic' tier in BoxBot, though my limited cash in my inventory is an impediment to this.

I'd like to thank all the staff, for the time they put in to read and review this; hope all of you have GREAT days ahead!
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[DENIED] BETA Tester Application Empty Re: [DENIED] BETA Tester Application

on Sun May 19, 2019 3:14 pm
Hey. Please join the server to receive your role. The beta bot is in the main Discord server. Do DM me when you got in.


edit 1: user did not join the server

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