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[DENIED] Staff Application Empty [DENIED] Staff Application

on Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:48 pm
Tag:Rick Astley#4121(i might change it back to ismellpurple#4121)


Country/Time zone: United States, Washington State, PST

Time available: Most days of the week, after school on school days, most of the day on weekends

Languages: Python(coding language, not some made up language)

how long have you been a member: Idk exactly, but a good amount of time before explosives we're disabled

Reason for application: I like helping people out, and I like boxbot

Prior staff experience: I have been an admin in a server with 300+ members for 9-10 months

Where will you be active: servers

Age: im about to be 14, so I'm not old enough but am still responsible, I really didn't want to lie about my age on this, hopefully this isn't the deciding factor.

Extra information:I try to help in support whenever I can, and support members haven't responded. Also please don't deny this because of my age, I'll show you I'm still responsible
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[DENIED] Staff Application Empty Re: [DENIED] Staff Application

on Sat Mar 30, 2019 1:37 pm
Hey Purple,

Unfortunately, the age is one of the deciding factors. I'm sorry, but we cannot take you in as a support staff yet. You are still allowed to help here and there, but the chance of getting support role will only come when you are 14. I truly appreciate your honestly. Either way, I thank you for trying to apply.


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