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on Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:09 pm
Discord tag : Aereon#8129
Discord ID : 379342813814587392
How long have you been actively using/playing BoxBot?: 2-3 months
Have you recently received any punishments on the BoxBot server?: No
Why do you want to be a beta tester?: I started playing the game within the last few months and see a lot of opportunity for improvement. I can see the bot becoming amazing, and want to be a part of the change to make such an awesome game.
Have you actively done any beta/alpha testing for any other programs/games/projects in the past? If yes, give a brief description of what and when: I create my own games with my Aereon Programming team and I myself beta test the things I program, along with fellow BoxBot user and Aereon Programming staff member ThatGuyNamedMikey.
Do you participate in BoxBot events regularly? (BoxBot events take place on the beta version of the bot, so joining an event will affect your inventory): When I am online when an event starts I do my best for participate as much as possible, I was so close to finishing in the top in the forum searching by Captain BoxBeard.
Are you prepared to come across and report software bugs that could potentially influence or hinder your beta gameplay?: Yes, I am fully willing to help and contribute to the success of this amazing game!
Are you able to actively use the beta bot? Keep in mind if you become inactive, your role may be removed: Yes, I am on my computer for most of the day as a semi-independent programmer, so I have great access to use the bot when needed.
Anything else you'd like to add: Thank you for making a great game, and I hope it gets finished and all bugs squashed as soon as possible to make the best game on Discord!
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