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2019.03.14 - Beta Testing! Empty 2019.03.14 - Beta Testing!

on Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:40 pm
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In my last post I mentioned that the bot was being completely rewritten from scratch and the public release of v0.3.0 is getting closer and closer.

Almost all commands are finished - but there are lots of bugs that need to be squashed. For this reason, the rewrite is now running on the beta version of the bot. The beta version of the bot can only be accessed in our Discord server .

In order to use the beta version of the bot, you must have the beta tester role. You can get this role by either becoming a donator / patron (and asking a staff member for the role) or via our new application process here on the forums.

Please note that being a beta tester will involve actively looking for and reporting bugs. If you are not up for this, please do not apply.

Thank you all for your continued support of the bot despite its problems. We are working hard to get these issues resolved but please understand that it takes time.
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