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[Appealed] My Ban Appeal Empty [Appealed] My Ban Appeal

on Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:28 am
Your Discord tag: Hexal101#9365
Your Discord ID: 550830479360786433
What were you banned from?:The Discord Server
Why were you banned?:I was spamming but I’m not sure who banned me
Why should you be unbanned?:I believe that I have learned my lesson and I will be kind and courteous to others now
Any additional information:In my defense my name was changed to yet hexal and yes my name was literally yet hexal I then asked POLITELY for them to change it to Hexal101 so I spammed and then I was banned plz unban me I’ve learned my lesson and I was banned a while ago so Bambi plz don’t pull that wait a few months thing on me ok thx?
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[Appealed] My Ban Appeal Empty [RESOLVED] Hexal's Ban Appeal

on Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:15 pm
Hello Hexal, there isn't a valid ban reason and it isn't showing on mod logs either. I assume you think you were banned for spamming as that was the latest punishment that appeared on your punishment log. I will be revoking your ban but please keep in mind if you spam or break any other rules you will be banned again permanently from the server. Please refer to the rule I provided by the image below. On your return please behave and make sure I don't see your name in Dyno Logs anymore. I apologize for the no ban reason provided and the extremely late response as these punishment appeals are handled in moderations free time. We will love to have you back in the server as someone who doesn't misbehave and follows all the rules in #rules. The ban reason was, of course, a mistake on our side and we have since then improved how we handle punishment appeals. I hope you understand and have a great day!

[Appealed] My Ban Appeal Screenshot_36

-Bongo  Smile
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