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2019.02.06 - Progress Empty 2019.02.06 - Progress

on Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:08 pm
It's been over a month since my previous post, so to keep everyone up-to-date (who's interested), here's a new one.

In my last post, I talked about writing a script to convert the current bot's data (stored in a MySQL database) to a new database system (ArangoDB). That script has been finished and now the bot itself is being worked on.
I also mentioned that ArangoDB was 40-50x faster than MySQL in the scenario I was using it in. I'm hopeful that it will help with BoxBot's speed but no promises.

The bot is being rewritten from scratch; same language and same library but with improved code.
I'd like to thank ElJay (user in the BoxBot Discord server) for helping me to learn how to write code more efficiently (for better performance).

On top of being re-written, BoxBot will no longer be using eris-sharder and will instead be using a shard manager created with help from ElJay.

The foundation of the bot has (mostly) been written, so now the main focus is re-writing the bot's commands, adding some minor new ones, and improving and fixing bugs in current ones.

Once the rewrite is at the point that the current-running bot is in (in terms of commands), it will be tested for bugs for around a week (shorter or longer, as needed) on the beta bot, and then the bot will be released to the public as v0.3.0!
Note that when the bot does get released to the public, it will take some time to convert all of the current data from the old database to the new one, and then there may be some issues to start off with (probably with sharding).

Again, I'd like to thank you all for being patient with me and the rest of the staff team during this time!
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