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[RESOLVED] really changed to a better side to join this server

on Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:04 pm
Tag : Sayari | madlife's Toy#5598
ID : 523215378562809856
I got banned from Discord server BoxBot
I got banned for ban evading and i was ban evading because i got banned on my main account which got banned for too much warnings .
Because i changed really much and i want to become a part of this amazing community and i wanted to fix myself.
I really havent done anything on this account because i was trying to become a better part of a community.
Willy Pete
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Re: [RESOLVED] really changed to a better side to join this server

on Thu Dec 27, 2018 2:45 am
The BoxBot staff team has reviewed your appeal and has decided to give you another chance, fair warning though, if you break any or all rules, i.e. NSFW, unnecessary/spammy caps usage, walltext, copypastas, spam in general, anything suggestive of NSFW in an attempt to loophole a rule, harassing other users, invite links, talking in other languages, emoji spam, unnecessary spam pinging, DMS harassment of staff or other users, or breaking of any of the already written BoxBot Server Rules list in #rules, punishment will be much more strict and harsh, as you are being watched by the staff team already, any breakage of said rules may result in immediate ban. Please abide by the rules, and have a fun and respectful time in the BoxBot server.
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