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[DENIED]Reapplying for Support Empty [DENIED]Reapplying for Support

on Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:14 pm
Discord Tag: Kakashi#3774

Discord ID:415683459067936779

Age:15 years

Country and TimeZone: United States of America, Pacific Standard Timezone

At what times would you be able to help out with BoxBot?: About 5pm-11pm and maybe I can sneak   in a few hours at school when my teachers are looking away.

Can you speak any other languages: I can speak English, and I’m a little good at Spanish, and am taking Spanish this year as a class. Also I can speak c++ and a learning Java this year. .

How long have you been playing Boxbot?: Since around March which is about 7 months.

What is your motivation for applying?: I have no real power motivation, but would like this bot to run in a neat fashion. I also want other Boxbot players to have as good of an experince as I did when I first started out. Many people are believing boxbot is going down, but through the support role I want to prove them wrong and instead of going down show them that it's going up. I also think most importantly that through this role it would be a good way to learn responsibility and make sure everybody is enjoying and having fun in Boxbot!

Do you have any prior experience as a community staff member?: I have run a school discord server, and I helped people out on that. I know it sounds bad like I’m a noob for being a staff member, but I am willing to commit to this server running smoothly even though it might be a new responsibility.

Where will you be active?: I will stay in chat just to see whats up with users and see if anybody needs support.  I’ll also do my best in user and bug reports and always have a second opinion when creating a solution so all users may be satisfied . I will make sure everything I do is not only to my full potential, but to improve boxbot too without disturbing the playing environment.

Is there anything else you wish to add?: No
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[DENIED]Reapplying for Support Empty Re: [DENIED]Reapplying for Support

on Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:50 am
Hey Kakashi! Thanks for applying. Unfortunately we don’t think you would be a good fit for staff currently, also considering you left the server for a few days. You can apply again in a few weeks.
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