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The Rule of "Unfair Trade" mixed with gambling Empty The Rule of "Unfair Trade" mixed with gambling

on Fri Nov 16, 2018 8:15 am
Your Discord tag (e.g. logan#0001): Panda17#9877

Your Discord ID (e.g. 71632953322512384): 164603952577380352

What were you banned from? (e.g. the Discord server, BoxBot, etc.): Trade Ban

Why were you banned?: "Giving/receiving items or money for free/large difference in value is not allowed. Please join the Boxbot Discord server if you haven't already and read the rules (rules channel). If this is your first warning, 2 warns = ban, so one more warn and you will be banned from trading. Please don't do it again and have a good day." This was sent but it was incorrect.

Why should you be unbanned?: The rule of unfair trade- I gambled with my buddy a set amount and lost to him, made my word and traded. Not in any way shape or form, this can be correlated with cheating. So, how is this a just ban if I didn't cheat. Rule #2, "Giving other users items or money for free, or with a large difference of value is not allowed." This rule has sub-rules that all apply to some form of cheating within trading, nothing to do with gambling and I tried to appeal to a mod but he called it an "unfair trade" which I believe it isn't. No alternate accounts were used, it was an active account trade which we traded 1k and a bullet *he felt bad* for 100k. If new players were to come and see to your bot, how would they respond if they got banned for something that seems fair to them? New players don't really know set values of the items in the game (I didn't and I looked for them everywhere until someone let me know the trade gives you trade values). They would've thought a bullet was worth some money. I just believe Rule #2 should be changed or given slang in certain circumstances like mine.

Any additional information: My appeal in the server:
Panda17#9877: That's what I'm trying to get across
You guys have "Giving people items or money for free/a large difference of value is not allowed." as a rule and tied in with it is certain of examples of how this rule can be broken.
None of those rules even imply the sense of gambling, but they do apply to cheating
My trade wasn't even connected to cheating or unfairness, just a fair lost of chance. It can be related to the bots coinflip system because its all about chances, which my odds were in the garbage.

One, betting isn't a part of the game, excluding coinflip, in which you gamble your values to the bot, and not other.

Two, your trade is and still is unfair because it breaks the rule of trading with balanced values on both sides. Your "fair lost of chance" is the cause of the trade being made. The cause is fair, so you have to carry it out regardless of the consequences.
And one of that consequences is that you have to inevitably break a rule and get trade banned since it would've been your third warning.

You having garbage odds in a bet you and your friend made isn't in our control nor it should be in the first place.

The part highlighted in red, seems to show that the trade was fair because its the cause was fair. Yet I get banned for having an "unfair trade"
More parts to the appeal- Saved if needed.
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