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DarkShadow's Application, AKA [CGC] DarkZZ Empty DarkShadow's Application, AKA [CGC] DarkZZ

on Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:35 pm
Hello owners, co-owners, and moderators! I'm DarkShadow, and I would like to apply for being a staff member!
Discord Tag: DarkShadow#2353
Age: 13
Country and Timezone: Jordan, Amman, Eastern European Standard Time
I can help at any time during 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm daily except on weekends, except if I log on during the weekend and have time to help.
I have been playing BoxBot for 2 Months now.
Why I'm applying: Sometimes, none of the owners, co-owners, and moderators can help, so I would like to volunteer since I have a lot of free time after studying, also, sometimes, from time to time, I would accidentally help a person if they need help if no moderator answered and then I would be in trouble for that with other moderators. Also, it would be fun providing help for those of whom are new!
Prior knowledge of being a staff member: Although this is my first time attempting to be one, I watch the support #1 and #2 for a little bit of time daily to see what moderators or staff members do to support whom are newer or need help, also, I would like to know more about the bugs and visual glitches in the system, as for I know some from past experience and reading some of the glitches from other people's messages on the support or report chats. Therefore, I would like to help in creating a better community for BoxBot, removing exploits, exploiters, spammers, self-advertisers, and many more!
Where will I be active: I will be active in the server mainly, chat, and most support servers!
Addition: It would be great helping moderate the server, it would make discord's BoxBot a much safer place since I'm very active on discord, and BoxBot!
Very Happy
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DarkShadow's Application, AKA [CGC] DarkZZ Empty Re: DarkShadow's Application, AKA [CGC] DarkZZ

on Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:54 am
Thanks for applying, we appreciate the intrest and will review this when we are in need of more staff
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